Services Provided by United-R

We submit bid proposals estimating the cost of construction and the duration of the project. We ensure that they fall within current market prices.

We help secure building permits, and manage the construction to meet project opening deadlines and opening schedules.

We have extensive experience with domestic and international standards. Our construction crew has worked all over Egypt and is familiar with working with multinational partners from around the globe.

United-R is confident that you will be completely satisfied with our high quality work and skilled craftsmen.


Egypt leading retail construction contractor

One of the things that sets United-R  apart from other contractors in Egypt is our dedicated commitment to the people that make this company a success. From our clients and subcontractors to our employees and the members of the community, we feel our greatest asset is the relationship we have with others. We know that the best-built construction projects rely on strong relationships, excellent communication, and a desire to do what is right. We believe this is the only way to build either a building or a relationship' the United-R way.

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